Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Bigwelt!

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Our Company's Website, located at Our Website.

By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Our Company if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page. 

Content guidelines

These following activities are not permitted on BigWelt InfoTech Pvt Ltd.

  1. · Republish material from Our Company

  1. · Sell(Not for Resellers, according to our policies), Rent or sub-license material from Our Company

  1. · Replicate, Recreate or copy material from Our Company

These following activities are Strictly not permitted on BigWelt.

● Adult: it includes naked in a sexual setting, uncovered genitalia or unwanted subjects
● Copyrighted Content: any type of music, films or games that you don't have any rights to
● Hate Speeches: the content that supports contempt against a specific person or gatherings, like, race, religion, identity, sex, or sexual direction. This type of hate speeches is not accepted.
● Spam: A site whose intention is to pick up Google positioning, Facebook "likes", and so on will be considered as spam
● Cheating clients: a website intended to fool clients into giving their username and secret key
● Illegal Content: content writing which might be illegal in India or under the laws of different other nations
● Scams: using phrase make like simple way of making money, or different questionable plans just to attract clients
● Advertising: setting over the top for promotion on your site, including in excess of advertisement units for each and every page
● File Hosting: including files that are not made with our website builder Bigwelt is proofreader 
● Inappropriate or Illegal Products: sell things that are illicit, weapons, fake, taken, false, encroaching, abuse that privileges of protection, hostile, obscene, or proposed to be s in agreement with the Our Company's Privacy Policy.

  Acknowledgment of Terms

We are much obliged to you for utilizing Bigwelt.The following Terms of Service shows the understanding among you and Bigwelt. Using our service from us(www.bigwelt.com) includes creating websites like E-commerce and business websites we also develop android application development and IOS applications. For using these Services in any type, you can check these acknowledge Terms and conditions, our Privacy note, and some other notification or rules that are posted on the Site. These Terms will likewise apply when you use the Service on a preliminary premise. If you don’t accept these Terms, please don't utilize the Service.

At the points when these type of Terms you notice “Bigwelt,” “we,” “us,” or “our,” it defines a particular company which you are contracting with. When these type of terms you notice “you”, ”client”, ”customer” defines to the users .Your contract document depends on your country Residence.

Service Description

Our website builder Service allows users who register for an account to create and update an online website. Once registered their website in Bigwelt, each Account Holder receives his /her login details on her email account .
Any upcoming features on the Services, including new tools and resources on Bigwelt, shall be subject to these Terms. To use the following Service, you must have access to the Internet, good internet network is needed either directly or through devices that access proper services, and you must pay for Internet access. The web Service may include certain types of communications from us, such as new service announcements, Business messages.

Registration term 

To register as an Account in Bigwelt, you must provide us with a valid Name, phone number, email address and other personal information in registration form. Login username and password are sent to users email account. You only the responsible for maintaining the privacy of your account credentials, and for all activities that take place under your account. In consideration of use of the Services provided, you agree to update and maintain correct and complete registration data. If you provide with false information or incomplete details or if Bigwelt has reasonable rights to notice such information is untrue or incomplete, we may suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service.

Security of website account

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your website account and web site, for all appropriate activities that occur or actions taken under the account and website. So, You agree to immediately inform us in writing of any unauthorized uses of the account or any other security breaches. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage from your failure in security obligation.

BigWelt Reseller Term

What is Website Reseller Plan?
We are offering world's best Website Reseller plan

Our Resellers will get Business website at Rs. 500 Only and ecommerce Website at Rs. 1000 Only.

In this package inclusive Hosting Free for one complete year, additionally Free SSL Certificate, Business Emails, Lead Management System, SEO Friendly Environment, Google tools Connectivity, Payment gateway connectivity, Staff Management system, Salary Management system, Drag and Drop page making system with Website builder and many more.

What Resellers should do?
Resellers should activate their Reseller Website by paying Rs. 1000 (Renewal every year) and have to make one Business Website. They have to Recharge their Reseller account just by paying Rs.4000.

Each Business website cost you for Rs.500, that amount will be deducted from your Recharge amount. For Eg. your Recharge amount is 4000 

 A) You made one business website for your client. Now Recharge balance will be Rs.3500. business website cost is Rs.500.

B) if you make an ecommerce website for your client, it cost you Rs. 1000 only. Now the available balance in your recharge account is Rs. 3000.

Once you use the complete Rs.4000 from your reseller account, you need to Recharge again whatever the amount you want. But Minimum Recharge amount should be Rs.1000.

Make the websites, sell those for your own price.


You may agree to do the payment before hosting your website. We only charge for website activation. Live services are accessed by you after the activation. payment details are send to you when you are ready for activating your website. 

 If you are selecting packages for hiring a professional for designing website from bigwelt .you can do the payment according to our best quotation and there is no much bargain policy related to website designing. We give you best services and support. 

At the end of contract terms of your website we will send notification to you so that you can pay preferred amount for website renewal and use without any termination.

Payment Delay Clause:

As per the company policy, client should support of paying committed amount before completion of the project development (Website or Mobile App). If in case of delaying payment of more than two weeks after the committed time period, Client should agree to pay 50% extra on the balance payment. Services should be suspended immediately.

You many send request for cancellation by requesting us on https://bigwelt.com if you want to end the website term.