Top 10 Must-Have Features of On Demand Grocery Apps

(1) Social Login

In the social media dominated world, it is quite obvious why we need the social login feature in our apps. All the apps and websites encourage customers to open an account to use their services. Account helps both the businesses and the customers to keep track of their things. On the other hand, it’s really cumbersome for customers to keep track of their all the accounts of various sites and apps. That’s where social media logins help. Customers use only one ID and businesses get all the necessary information they require. So you have to have social media login in your app.

(2) Smart Search

Think of a scenario : You have thousands of products but customers cannot find a specific one from that pile. That means your thousands of products are worthless. You have to have a smart search engine that can find a needle in the haystack as well as display similar and related products. That’s how Google performs its business. So, the integration of smart search in your On Demand Grocery Deliver App is inevitable.

(3) 1 Click Add To Cart

After searching, customers will do one of two things. Either he will decide to buy a specific item now or later time or he will not buy it at all. So if he wants to buy that particular product now, 1 Click Add To Cart feature really helps. When the customers don’t have to go to another page or click more than once, they don’t lose interest in shopping. They are indirectly encouraged to browse more things with 1 Click Add To Card functionality. Also, the total value of cart can be displayed on it and it will help customers keep track of their budget.

(4) Quick List

If after a search the customer doesn’t want to buy a product, he may want to save it for future purchase. In a situation like this, a Quick List option will really help in your future business. You can have many options like simple list creation, public wishlist, private wishlist, favorite list, star it, reminder list, scanned barcode list and so on.

(5) Favorite, Popular & Recommended Sections

Like favoriting a photo on Instagram or liking a post on Facebook, if you add a functionality to add a star or add it to a favorite list, it will enhance the user experience. As a business, you will have an insight of the likes and dislikes of customers. Also, if they are greeted with a ‘Popular’ section for the trending items of the store or personalized ‘Recommended For You’, it will be a win-win situation for all concerned parties of On Demand Grocery Delivery Apps.

(6) Deals, Offers, Vouchers & Rewards

One of the chief reasons why customers go for online ordering on the app like On Demand Grocery Delivery Apps is the deals and discounts. If you have a separate section for ongoing deals and offers of your store, they are most likely to visit that section everytime they open the app. Discount voucher codes and integration of loyalty reward programmes like PayBack also helps a lot when it comes to customer retention.

(7) Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a great feature for triggering the app usage and increasing customer engagement. You can do many things using these notifications. You can notify the customers of ongoing deals and discounts of your store, you can greet them on good days, you can remind them to buy their grocery or certain things according to their preferences. Too many notifications will spoil the fun but the smart usage of push notifications will really help your business.

(8) Checkout with Secure Payment Options

Who doesn’t want the quickest checkout experience after spending long hours browsing and selecting? The same goes for the online world but here the payment is done online and customers may have trust issues. So they must have multiple payment options like credit card, debit card, online banking, PayPal and Cash On Delivery out of which they can choose the option they trust.

(9) Order & Delivery Tracking with GPS

After placing the order, customers must be able to track and see the status of their order. This is very basic functionality but as an On Demand Grocery Delivery App, it has to have delivery tracking as well. If the driver’s location can be tracked via GPS and if Google Maps are integrated, the trustworthiness of your business increases many folds.

(10) Rating, Feedback and Customer Service

After the shopping is done and delivered, customers may want to leave words of appreciation or want to complain about something. So they should have options for rating the product, giving feedback about their experience in your online store and they should be able to contact you immediately through customer service or chat. You may also want to integrate a ChatBot for automated replied to your customers.

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