About BigWelt

Bigwelt is Made in India & an Indian website builder which allows users to build their own websites in just 5 minutes. Users aren't required to have web coding or designing skills. Our easy drag and drop interface lets you create beautiful and professional websites for yourself or your clients. 

Bigwelt is was started in 2018 by its founder Mr. Shah who has 12+ experience in website development and hosting services. He started the company with a vision of making the web developers and freelancers simplify their tasks by using Bigwelt website builder.

The company gets officially registered as Bigwelt Infotech Pvt Ltd in 2020, BigWelt developers & designers are very experienced, professional & passionate about their work, we create products that solve customer problems & make them focus on their business, not on technical issues.

Our Core Values

1. Customer Obsession
2. Trust & Honesty
3. Ownership & Fast Movers
4. Collaborate & Keep it simple

Our Vision & Mission

We at BigWelt Infotech Private Limited are locked in with the customer at all times with the goal of providing the best user experience and support at all times. Customer obsession is among one of the most significant core values of our organization. Everything ranging from the customer’s requirements to their satisfaction from our product is our sole motive. We strive to ensure that the customer has their requirements fulfilled while keeping in mind that the product maintains its quality standards at all times.

All this is made possible through transparency of our organization that reflects trustworthiness and honesty which form the the foundation of our relationships. These bring integrity integrity within our team and our customers, making our interactions more genuine.

Every employee at BigWelt takes ownership of the product as if it were their own, which ensures that the customer’s needs are within safe hands. All our employees are first to take initiative while being held accountable for their work. Also, they seize opportunities as they appear, proving our hunger for success. Such qualities enable us to have a proactive mindset while making swift and critical decisions in parallel to stay ahead in the dynamic business market.

We strongly believe that great things come to when a collective effort is put in by a team of skilled employees who leverage all the weaknesses and the strengths of every individual who belongs therein. Every process is strived on to be kept simple avoiding unnecessary complexities resulting in increased efficiency and clarity.

We are an embodiment of our core values creating an environment that promotes excellence, pioneering and consistent growth towards attaining higher levels of success both for our organization and our stakeholders.

Why Choose BigWelt?

Bigwelt website builder comes with pre designed unique blocks & hundreds of professionally designed templates by which the art of designing the websites made so easy and time saving. You can easily create websites just like a pro in minutes. You will be getting hundreds of beautifully built templates ready for use just by a click and your website will get ready!!

The inbuilt website builder comes with marketing and business software tools. You can manage and run your businesses all at one place now. From managing your staffs, accounts, billings and to promote your brand, products you don't need to switch applications. Just create your website and start focusing on your business from Bigwelt website builder itself

Made in india with passion

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