Strategical Ways to Increase Website Traffic
Thu, 10 Feb 2022

Strategical Ways To Increase Website Traffic


After planning to make an online presence of your business, you have done with the website setup. Now, what's next?

The next step is to bring more visitors to your dream website. Let's see an example. For a retail shop, we furnish the interiors beautifully and place the products each at its place in an attractive way. But if there's no one to visit the shop, the interior and products will look like a bride without her groom. Isn't, Right? 

Bringing traffic to your website to run your online business is where you have to build strategy to do the same. As sales are followed by regular visitors, there must be an online impression of the website. Hence you need to figure out where and how to get the impressions and bring traffic to your business website

Here in this article, we will discuss the right strategies to implement on your website to get the job done. 

1) Write competitive content by applying content strategy techniques :

Once you have finished your website design, you will be filling the white space of the design with your content. First, you need to know what content in a website meant. Content is the collection of texts, images, sounds, videos, and animations on a website. Through the proper placement of the above content elements, you can be able to create an awesome user experience for your website visitors. Content strategy plays a significant role in digital marketing nowadays. Content is the medium through which you can attract and have interaction with your visitors. Among the various ways of building successful content marketing, the following are unique.


Blog Post:

content marketing strategy

Blogging is a hobby for someone and business for a lot. Companies that publish articles regularly in their blogs update the visitors about the latest news and trend of their respective businesses. This is a very effective way of building audience retention. 

More information on the product and the services relating to your industry makes a valuable impression on readers' minds about the website blog they are in. This indirectly turns their perspective over the services and products in your website as valuable. You can also able to build internal links which gives you good control over channeling your visitors throughout the various information and converting them into product sales.

Social Media Outreach:

how to increase website traffic using social media

When you start publishing quality content on your blog posts, the next step is to create healthy relations with similar bloggers who are already successful in your business. They have the audience base of their website who visit regularly by bookmarking the blogs. Similarly, the bloggers who tie with the business champions online, boost their website traffic and reputation throughout the search engines and social media.

When you approach the bloggers from their contact page or emails, you have to make sure your content provides a valuable source of information to their audience. Based on the quality and regularity, the bloggers will accept your proposal for posting your blog. By doing so, you will get the redirection of the audience towards your website and improve your quality score on SEO as well.

2) Competitive analysis of your business competitors online :

Getting an online presence and increasing website traffic is not an overnight job. It needs a planned approach to executing the business online. One such strategical way is to do competitor analysis. This is to find out how your other competitors play technically and socially in digital marketing. Technically is to know how well their website and blogs rank in search engines, the ways they are out leading yours. Socially is to research and find out the social signals of their audience on respective social platforms.

influencer marketing

There are branded websites online that provide very limited free versions and unlimited paid versions on finding out the technical strength of your competitors on search engines. You can easily get to know for which pages and keywords your rivals are ranking best and worst as well. You can also end up knowing from which blogger or business they are getting a good reputation link.  By doing so you can research the respective keywords and outreach the bloggers to score good in seo and drive traffic to your website.

Your blog post must have social sharing widgets so that your readers can able to share the post on their social network. You should not forget to ask for a comment and social share at the end of each post. 

3) Holding the grip through e-mail marketing :

E-mail marketing sounds so classical and traditional to so many of us nowadays. But the reality is different. About 99% of successful online businesses hold their grip on the signup visitors and customers by sending them regular emails. This will in turn convert the signup visitors and one-time customers into permanent regular customers. Yes! the secret is unrevealed.

There are various occasions you can have a rapport with your clients through email marketing. Few such instances are renewal emails, monthly account summary emails, feedback emails, your product or service-related video tutorials, pick where you left off kind emails. In each of the above emails, you should keep in mind to update the current offers if any, and discount coupon codes to the clients. 

email marketing strategy

Customer engagement can be well achieved through email marketing by sending updated blog posts to the readers regularly. One thing which is under high priority among all the above methods is not to flood your readers and clients with emails. It shouldn't look spammy which pays very badly for your relationship. There are many options online for sending scheduled bulk emails to clients. You can check the BigWelt email marketing campaign for the same.

4) The Organic way of getting noticed - SEO :

To increase website traffic, the term organic means the natural way of getting noticed by the public in search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex show results respective to the user search queries on a particular keyword. Keywords play a significant role in optimizing your website to get rank on search engine page results. There are two broad strategies to be followed in search engine optimization (SEO).

i)  On-Page SEO

ii) Off-Page SEO 


i) On-Page SEO :

As the term suggests on-page seo deals with building and optimizing your website pages according to the needs of search engines. Because web pages are the medium through which you communicate with the search engine bots. Search engine bots function in a particular way called algorithms. Search engines have full control over how they want to execute those algorithms to create an awesome user experience for their searches. 

Generally, you need to just focus on the technical part and the content strategy of your website and blogs. Technically you should need to index your website on search engines by submitting a sitemap. This is the welcoming step towards getting the search engine bots to your web pages. Once you get indexed on search engines. You need to boost your on-page seo score by checking for any page errors, performance on desktop and mobile, focusing on a better title, meta descriptions, link and page structures, and more.

ii) Off-Page SEO :

In off-page seo, you need to reach out for building networks among your related businesses website and bloggers asking for referral links. This strategy is called link building. As the search engine, bots crawl the content from your web pages, apart from on-page seo techniques,  the quality score of the content will also be based on how often the web page has been referred by other related businesses or bloggers. 

One of the best ways of outreach is to provide quality products or services and to create quality content on blogs. Websites or blogs which has high-quality domain authority and page score if links back our posts will effectively boost our overall seo performance. They also act as an indirect medium of boosting your website traffic.

5) Target sales through paid campaigns :

pay per click

You would have come across different types of ads layout in websites or blogs like the one in the image.  These display boards of advertisements are sponsored by various businesses like yours for driving traffic through paying search engines. In an online advertisement, when a user searches for a particular thing, the search engines try to display the related results on their search pages with top priority to the ad's sponsors. 

You can notice that the website results shown on the first page at the top will be having an "Ads" tag with them. This means the web page is paid one to the related keyword of the search query. Once the user clicks on the paid link of the web page, then the search engine charges based on pay per click. You can refer to various paid platforms online one of which is in BigWelt with sophisticated auto marketing campaign tools.

The Crux of the story :

social media marketing

Of all the above methods and strategies to drive traffic to your website, the most significant part lies in the kind of product service you provide to your clients. Even if a visitor is just an audience of one of your blog posts, a converted customer, or an influencer marketing blogger, you should have to maintain the industry benchmarks in your business, product, services, content, and in the way of delivery. 

Once you lost building the trust score on search engines or social media platforms, then you would not be able to sustain the traffic you have built cracking the same. Along with the increasing number of users on a website, a business is successful once it gets converted into a brand.