How To Create Website For Free
Wed, 16 Feb 2022

Create A Free Website In Just Five Minutes

Unlock The Power Of Easy and Free Bigwelt Website Builder

Creating a website has become very easy and effective nowadays. Gone are the times, hiring a professional web designer to build stunning websites. The term website builder has changed the art of designing websites, whether personal or professional. The knowledge of codes in website technology is not a cup of tea for many. In this modern era, the time of an individual has become precious, and everyone is moving ahead towards increasing productivity.

The technology of pre-build designs and user-friendly interfaces are the solutions for achieving the productivity goals in life.  BigWelt Website builder provides you both, to design your dream website project with pre-build web blocks and smooth user interfaces. You will have numerous in-built website blocks from which you can create a website in just five minutes for free. 

Let's see how you can build a decent website in a few simple steps. 

The Registration Process

* Click on the create website in the home menu. 

* Register using your email id or mobile number. 

* Select from the category E-commerce, Business, or News portal websites. 

* Choose the design you like from the templates. You can also view the demo before applying the template to your website design.

* Enter your business name, email id, and mobile number which can be different than your registered one. By doing so you can create many websites under each email ids and number.

* Now submit the form by enrolling your address details and click the submit.

* Now you can view your created website, edit it on the website editor where you can change the images and content as per your requirements or you can start designing from the scratch.

* If you already own a domain, you can connect it to your newly created website by clicking the connect your domain option.

Step 1)  Creating the header and footer parts :

* The anatomy of any website can be divided into three simple parts, header & footer, banner image and main content.

* Header is the first part of the design. It constitutes logo and the navigation menus of your website pages like home, about us, services, plans, contact us.

* In the BigWelt website builder, you can easily make the header part by selecting the header design from the various options.

* Click on manage home pages on the dashboard. 

* Select an option from the header style. 

* In footer style, select the one you need. 

* Now click on save. You have done with the header and footer part of the website

Step 2) The Banner Image :

* Below the navigation is the banner image at the top.

* You can follow different styles of keeping a banner image or banner content.

* Some styles include creating slider images with text on it, with a text & image background without sliders, plain background with text on it.

Slider Images

Still Image Background

Plain Background

* Go to your home page, click on the button at the bottom, and edit this page.

* Click on the plus sign at the top-left corner of the page.

* There will be two options with menus. Click on the slider menu under the simple start.

* Choose from the various slider options, and click to place the slider on the web page.

* Click the module setting to change the slider image you want.

Step 3) The Main Content :

* BigWelt website editor gives you various page layouts to design your main content area.

* You can select your web page design from the ready templates with a single click installation. You can change the image and the text content as you need. 

* If you are a website or YouTube blogger, turn on the blogging options in the manage blog section on the dashboard. 

* If you want to design a website with your ideas or other reference websites, select the "Start from scratch" option from the templates and start designing. 

* The design freedom in the BigWelt website builder is unlimited with the prebuilt blocks and different kinds of web elements. 

 The Free Design 

* Let's create a free design website with the "start from the scratch" option. 

* Select the header and footer design from the manage pages section on the dashboard as explained in step 1. 

* Select either the slider banner or any still image banner with text as explained in step 2.

* To make an awesome still banner with an image background and text on it, select the banners from the header menu under the section.

* The first block should be a brief note on who you are and about your company.

* Go to your website editor page, click on the content writing at the left section.

* Choose from the various block design to create an about section for your main content.

* The next block will be your product or services section.

* Click on the section plus sign, select product/services under more.

* Among the various blocks on product/services, choose the one you desire.

* After creating the product/services, select the features under more and add the unique features of your organization or individual.

* Now it's time to make your user know about your plans and pricing.

* Select the various kind of pricing block under more, drag, and drop it over the main content area.

* Testimonials add value to your website. Click on the quotes section and select the testimonial block you desire.

* Finish your home page with a contact us section from the more on section menu.

* You can opt to make a contact us block with or without a contact form.

Now, you have created a website easily and in less time. You can easily create as many websites you need. Go to your user dashboard. Click on the create website. After selecting a template you will be asked for the details of your new website. Once you enter the details and submit, your  another website will be ready within some minutes with the new template.